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Clinical Study Participation

Choosing to take part in a clinical study is a decision that should only be made after you have a basic knowledge of how clinical studies work and if you would make a good candidate for research.

The health and well-being of our participants are the most essential aspects of clinical research studies. We believe that an informed participant is a happy and healthy participant. For this very reason, we work hard to ensure that you are informed. Meaning we will any answer any questions you have about the trial, our facility, or even more general questions concerning clinical research.

Choosing to take part in a clinical study is a big commitment and should be considered carefully. Picking the right trial may require answering several questions first, so we have compiled a list of topics which should help quell any concerns and provide further education for potential participants.

Common Questions:

What is a Clinical Research Trial?
Why Participate in a Clinical Research Trial?
Is there a difference between Clinical Trials and Treatment?
How are New Drugs Tested?

Learn More About Clinical Trials:

What Types of Clinical Trials are Available?
Phase I Clinical Trials
Phase II Clinical Trials
Phase III Clinical Trials
Phase IV Clinical Trials
Glossary of Clinical Trial Terminology
Alabama Health Resources
Brief History of Clinical Trials
Find Clinical Trials

Know Your Rights as a Participant:

Your Patient Rights
Patient Privacy Rules
Informed Consent Agreement
NIH Patient Bill of Rights
Legal, Ethical, and Safety Issues