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Why Do You Participate in Clinical Trials?


Stories from Our Patients

Our clinic prides itself as one of the leading clinical research centers in Florida. We’re committed to advancing medicine and ensuring that only the best treatments are available to our community.

Woman who participated in a clinical trial in Birmingham, AL


A Retired Professor Living with a Rare Blood Disease

Guy suffers from polycythemia vera, or PV, a rare blood disease that causes a person’s body to make excessive red blood cells. It also often overproduces white blood cells and platelets. The progressive nature of the disease brings increased risk of blood clots and other serious complications.

Guy’s foray into clinical research began when side effects of his then-treatment prompted him to research alternative medications. After asking his hematologist about a promising new biologic, staff searched for nearby clinical trials. Shortly afterwards, Guy was directed to the nearest investigator site. He met eligibility criteria, and was enrolled into a clinical study at Achieve Clinical Research in Birmingham, AL.

Several years into a five-year study, his clinical trial participation has been a positive experience. The treatment Guy receives has helped stabilize his condition by normalizing his hemoglobin, with fewer side effects than previous medications. His blood profile is close to near-normal ranges. Most important, Guy is able to maintain an active quality of life.

Guy also notes there are very few burdens of participation, aside from the 135 mile trek every three to four months for routine study visits. He is able to use local labs for more frequent bloodwork and finds Achieve’s staff accessible when questions arise. As a retired professor, Guy is familiar with doing his own research, when looking for medication or evaluating clinical research options. He advises others to do the same when considering clinical trial participation.


Clinical Research Advocate Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Latrena has participated in clinical studies at Achieve Clinical Research for several years. She recalls seeing an ad on television for a clinical study involving rheumatoid arthritis, a condition in which she had been recently diagnosed. Shortly afterward, one of Latrena’s friends referred her to Achieve Clinical Research, and she received a call about the same study. After discussing with her rheumatologist, Latrena enrolled a clinical study involving rheumatoid arthritis specifically for patients not taking humira.

Latrena describes the study as a great success, receiving benefits beyond a therapeutic response. Achieve’s staff provided education on how diet and lifestyle choices can aggravate her condition, as well as which triggers to look for. “Achieve’s staff made a big difference in how I manage my health,” she said.

Since the initial study, she has also participated in studies involving migraine headaches. Latrena thinks of the staff as an extended family, praising them for patient care and regular communication with clinical trial participants.

Latrena recognizes the longer-term benefits of helping future patients and recommends clinical research to others when she sees relevant study opportunities.