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What are my rights as a patient?

You are entitled to certain rights as a clinical trial participant. Once your eligibility for a clinical research study has been confirmed, you will receive information to help you in make your decision of whether to participate. Prior to enrolling yourself in any clinical trial, it is imperative to understand your patient rights before and during the clinical trial process.

Prior to Enrollment: Your Patient Rights

  • Understand the potential benefits and risks to participating in a clinical trial.
  • Be aware of the trial plan, i.e. length, location, etc.
  • Understand what will be expected of you during the trial.
  • Voice any concerns and ask any questions you have about any aspect of the trial.

After Enrollment: Your Patient Rights

  • You can withdraw from the trial or decline participation at any time without loss of future treatment or judgment.
  • Ask any questions you have about the trial at any point during the study.
  • You will be kept up-to-date with any significant new discoveries that may affect your desire to continue participation.

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