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Why Participate in a Clinical Research Trial?

Why should you participate in a clinical research trial? The reasons are endless. As a clinical trial participant, you are part of a process that evaluates investigational drugs and treatments that may help or cure your condition and the millions of others living with that targeted condition as well. You will be one of the first people to reap the benefits of these investigational drugs, and you will play an active role in furthering knowledge in the field of medicine.

Clinical Trials: Additional Benefits

As a clinical trial participant, you receive free medical care from expert physicians who specialize in that field. The trial comes at no cost to you, and you may even receive compensation for your time and travel. Health insurance is not required, and all study-related evaluations, treatment and follow-up are at no charge.

Clinical Trials: The Benefit of Helping Others

Aside from free medical care and the health benefits of cutting-edge treatments, there is one major reason to participate in a clinical trial: the chance to help others. As a participant, you are potentially helping millions of other people living with the targeted condition. You contribute to society and the field of medicine by furthering the knowledge about your condition and effective treatment. You play a fundamental role in the drug evaluation and approval process as a clinical trial participant, benefiting medical research as a whole.

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