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Sinusitis Clinical Research

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3D image showing effects of sinusitis symptomsDo you know why we are conducting clinical trials for sinusitis? There are millions of Americans who develop at least one episode of sinusitis each year. While there are a number of treatment options available, some more chronic symptoms could only be relieved through a painful invasive procedure. Clinical trials like the one we are conducting here in Birmingham, AL will help expand the list of viable, non-invasive treatments available for sinusitis sufferers.

Sinusitis produces an inflammation (swelling) of the tissue that is lining the sinuses. This condition is also known as rhinosinusitis or simply a sinus infection. These symptoms are usually caused by an infection, but it could be caused by some other underlying issue. When these passages become inflamed, it can easily block up the sinuses and produce a significant level of pain.

Fast Facts on Sinusitis

  • Anything that interferes with the sinuses responsibilities can potentially cause sinusitis.
  • 37 million Americans suffer from at least one sinusitis episode a year.
  • Acute sinusitis means that symptoms persist for less than four weeks.
  • Chronic sinusitis means that symptoms persist for more than three months.
  • People with allergies are at greater risk of getting sinus infections.

The sinuses are open cavities set within the cheekbones, behind the nose and around your eyes. The sinuses are responsible for regulating the air that passes through the nasal cavity. Cold symptoms that persist for longer than a couple weeks could be the result of something more.

Different Types of Sinusitis

  • Acute Sinusitis – This refers to episodes that persist for less than a month. Most people develop acute sinusitis following a common cold– the common cold virus becomes a bacterial infection.
  • Subacute Sinusitis – The symptoms have persisted for somewhere between four to eight weeks.
  • Chronic Sinusitis – These episodes will persist for at least three months. Chronic sinusitis is produced by what experts believe is a fateful combination of painful swelling and an infection.
  • Recurrent Sinusitis – This refers to cases when people experience at least three episodes a year.

Underlying conditions like allergic rhinitis can leave a person much more susceptible to developing sinusitis. Allergies can easily cause inflammation within a person’s sinuses, which means the cavities can’t properly drain. People with allergies should be aware that they run the risk of developing secondary bacterial sinusitis.

There are certain medications which can be prescribed to help control these allergic reactions and reduce the risk of infection. People with deficient immune systems are also more susceptible to developing chronic or recurrent sinusitis given their body’s inability to properly ward off common infections.

Some people are also born with certain traits (such as a narrow nasal cavity or shifted nasal septum) which leave them at greater risk of developing sinusitis. These issues can’t be corrected with over-the-counter or prescription medications and may require surgery. Chronic or recurrent cases are often the result of several compounding factors, so getting an accurate diagnosis is the first pivotal step towards recovery.

Anyone who is interested in our sinusitis clinical trial should know that their participation represents a serious commitment. Taking part in a clinical trial in Birmingham, AL may only require agreeing to let our researchers have a copy of your test results– most will require a little more involvement than that.

All participants will be compensated for time and travel, and any study related care. The following are all provided free of charge:

  • Physical examinations
  • Laboratory services
  • Study related medication

Sinusitis Clinical Trials in Birmingham, Alabama

Achieve Clinical Research is currently conducting a wide array of clinical studies targeted towards certain conditions. You may be eligible to participate in one of our Alabama sinusitis clinical trials and contribute to the development and approval of a new drug or treatment. As a participant, there is no cost to you at any point during the study and health insurance is not required. Browse our clinical trials being conducted now to find the study best suited for you.

The Symptomatic Treatment of Sinusitis

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