Top 10 Packing Tips for Traveling Diabetics

tips for traveling diabeticsTraveling is quite a stressful situation in its own — traveling with diabetes, totally different story.  As I am currently packing for a two week jaunt in a couple of different climates, not only do I need to consider how many pairs of shoes, but how many infusion sets, test strips, glucagon, etc.  Enough to induce an anxiety attack.  Here is a list of my top ten travel tips, from a self-proclaimed world-traveler and Type I Diabetic.  Enjoy!

1. Take as many supplies as you would use on a regular basis, double it – if you are going abroad, triple.  This includes; meters, strips, insulin, pump supplies, etc.

2. Zofran or similar anti-nausea medicine. This can help blood sugars during a stomach bug, food poisoning, or almost DKA.

3. If visiting another country, take back-up prescriptions for all medications. If you are traveling domestic, you should be able to transfer any prescription (with available refills) to your local Walgreens, etc.

4. Bring a doctor’s note. You never know where you may need verification for the drugs…syringes…liquids.

5. Be up front about your medical supplies while going through security checkpoints, it actually speeds up the process.  Take supplies out of your carry-on bag and place in the bin.  Often, if security detects them inside your bag, they will most definitely pull you aside (still may happen anyway, fyi).  Full body scans are fine, just pull your pump out and that will save you time as well.

6. Medical alert bracelet. A MUST.  Just wear it.  You will be happy you did.

7. Wear sunscreen.  Sunburns can easily turn into a sick day.

8. Bring a back-up for your pump; I usually bring an extra pump, as well as long- acting insulin.  Better safe than sorry.

9. Frequent blood sugar checks.  Knowing your number can help you stay on top of any situation that may inadvertently arise.

10. More than anything, HAVE FUN!!  Traveling with diabetes shouldn’t be your main focus.  Being prepared will keep the trip from being about managing diabetes on the trip and more about the trip.

Guest blogger Bio
Name: Nikki D.
Homebase: Tulsa, OK
Website: Executive Director for Tulsa Chapter, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Diagnosis: Type I Diabetes




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