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In-Hospital Trials

Achieve the best of both worlds: working with a dedicated clinical trial company that delivers full integration into major hospitals. Embedded in 5 leading hospitals in the Southeast, we provide the ideal setting for conducting surgical and other inpatient studies. Achieve provides access to a wide range of specialists, strong patient volume from our physician network, and a highly experienced, hospital- credentialed staff for efficient recruitment, regulatory oversight and on-site management of your studies.

Staff and Hospital Integration

Achieve’s in-hospital solution provides sponsors with seamless access to leading hospitals coupled with the services of a dedicated research site. Employing an expanding network of experienced hospitalists, surgeons and in-demand specialists, Achieve conducts a wide range of challenging studies requiring intensive, continual support. Our staff of registered nurses, physician assistants, and certified coordinators is credentialed at all hospitals, enabling flawless performance in the execution of your trial.

Highly Effective Recruitment

Recruiting for surgical and inpatient trials is challenging and provides many different demands compared to recruiting for outpatient studies. Utilizing its vast network of physicians, hospitals, outpatient surgical centers and local patient groups, Achieve has developed a highly efficient recruitment model for screening and enrolling quality patients for a variety of inpatient indications. Achieve has successfully used this model to become the leading enrollment site for many global surgical trials.

Therapeutic Expertise

Through its network of physicians ranging from hospitalists to orthopedic surgeons, Achieve offers the diverse study expertise and experience to conduct many types of surgical and inpatient trials. Our successful experience includes studies for anticoagulants, orthopedic surgery, surgical and post-operative pain, anesthesia, plastic surgery, GI, medically ill, inpatient flu, medical device, surgical procedures, community-acquired pneumonia, and other anti-infectives.