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Vaccine Trials

Our proficient and experienced team members engage quickly and provide strategic thinking to execute on vaccine trials. This ensures faster start-up times and efficient delivery on every vaccine study.

Subject Populations

With the diverse populations surrounding our sites, Achieve provides the ability to recruit for all types of vaccine studies, from healthy subjects to specialty populations. Achieve is experienced at vaccine studies for adult, elderly and adolescent populations.

Recruitment Speed

Featuring a growing database of over 50,000 subjects, a dedicated marketing team, and a bilingual recruiting call center, Achieve has continually proven successful in recruiting high-volume studies. Typical vaccine studies start with a detailed recruitment strategy review. Working in tandem with the sponsor or CRO, Achieve’s marketing team develops a detailed, targeted marketing plan that typically incorporates TV, radio, print and online media outlets. The recruiting team works closely with the marketing team to filter the database of subjects interested in trial participation, based on the study’s inclusion and exclusion criteria. This process successfully delivers quality subjects in a short timeframe.

Complex Vaccine Studies

What differentiates Achieve from other vaccine research sites is our ability to excel at conducting protocols with complex procedure requirements. Whether the study requires overnight stays, an IV infusion or significant serology draws, the need for the proper facilities and experience is critical to the success of these trials. Achieve is an Accel Research Site, privately owned research sites across the Southeast. Accel offers 3 fully-equipped and specialized sites to support a high volume of patient visits, including bed space for possible extended day or overnight requirements.