3 Renal Impairment Symptoms And How They Impact Your Body | Renal Impairment

Renal impairment is more commonly known as kidney disease and is diagnosed following the sign of certain symptoms. Many of these symptoms will not be immediately recognized by those with the disease, so it is important to have an understanding of the most common among them.

The first of the renal impairment symptoms can be very hard to recognize: lethargy and the general feeling of weakness. Although this symptom could be attributed to many causes, if the onset of lethargy comes for unknown reasons, concern should be taken. This symptom may be accompanied by a reduced appetite.

Generalized swelling or puffiness is another symptom of renal impairment. The swelling may occur most commonly in the legs, but puffiness may also occur around the eyes as a result of fluid retention.

Another renal impairment symptom that can affect the body is increased blood pressure. This may be one of the clearest signs of the disease and if left untreated, will also result in hypertension. The body will tend to retain a lot of fluid and this, in turn, increases the production of vasoactive hormones, leading to possible heart failure.

If you recognize any/all of these symptoms, a physician must be contacted.


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