5 Dangers Addressing The Importance Of Teenage Smoking Cessation

Teenage smoking cessation should become a major objective. The Food and Drug Administration claims
that each day, around 4,000 children smoke their first cigarette before their 18th birthday. By the next
decade, it is also expected that 10 million people will die globally each year because of smoking-related
issues. That’s a prime reason why teenage smoking cessation needs more drastic attention.

The dangers associated with smoking include:

1) Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is found more often to be a disease that strikes long-time

2) High blood pressure accompanies every cigarette smoked. Continued smoking by those who began
smoking as teens only makes the situation worse.

3) Cancers of many kinds can be traced to cigarette use. That includes lung cancer, which is particularly
difficult to treat. The FDA states that about 90 percent of lung cancer patients got the disease due to

4) Coronary heart disease is another offshoot of smoking. Not only can it prove fatal, it also severely
restricts a person’s ability to enjoy life.

5) In general, smoking cuts back life expectancy anywhere from 7 to 30 years.

Teenage smoking cessation needs worldwide support. The facts are too ominous to ignore.


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