The American Cancer Society is Looking for People to Enroll in a New Study

Doctor monitoring clinical trial participantsDid you know that more than 1.4 million people in the United States will be told that they have cancer this year? In Alabama alone, it is estimated that 27,000 new cancer cases are going to be diagnosed. While these statistics are quite daunting, there is some good news at the end of the tunnel.

Encouragingly, clinical studies have shown that more cancer patients are living longer these days and beating their diseases. In fact, there are now more than 11 million cancer survivors living in the United States. This is due to advancements made in medical imaging and diagnostics, improved cancer treatment centers and facilities, and a generally higher level of awareness when it comes to these diseases.

Gaining a Better Understanding of Cancer

Of course there is still much more work to be done, and in an effort to gain a better understanding of cancer, the American Cancer Society has begun recruiting participants in cities like Birmingham for a large-scale cancer-prevention clinical study. The research they have conducted in the past has led to wider access to cancer screenings and treatments, as well as significant funding being allocated for cancer research.

This month, individuals around the state of Alabama have the opportunity to enroll in this clinical study, although you should understand that it is going to be a big commitment. In order to qualify for this cancer clinical study, you cannot have been previously diagnosed with cancer and must be between the ages of 30-65. During the enrollment process, you’ll be asked to fill out a comprehensive survey packet, which will provide the research team with an accurate picture of your medical background, as well as submit a blood sample and have your waist measured.

What Other Factors Contribute to Cancer?

Hopefully, the data obtained from this study could give us a better idea of the foods which actually protect against cancer, or what factors contribute to the development of common types like prostate cancer and breast cancer. It is an important opportunity that could help save many lives in the near future.

Please note that because this study is designed to help gain a better understanding of the underlying causes for cancer, any cancer survivors are ineligible to enroll. If this pertains to you, then you could always encourage one of your loved ones to take part in this important clinical study. In fact, you should go ahead and spread the word with everyone you know. This collaborative research could wind up changing the world.



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