Who Is At-Risk For Contracting Hepatitis C? | Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C becomes a chronic ailment in 60 to 80 percent of the people it infects. The disease is primarily passed from person to person by contaminated blood. That puts many healthcare workers at risk of contracting hepatitis C. They always face the possibility that an inadvertent needle prick can infect them if that needle were used on a person already suffering from the disease.

The disease can be transmitted from a mother to her child, but that has a rather slim chance of happening. Heterosexuals rarely contract hepatitis C through sexual contact, but some evidence has surfaced that indicates homosexual men with HIV can be infected if a sex partner has the disease. Drug users who share needles run a great risk of catching the disease, as well.

Hepatitis C has been found in hemophiliacs and other people who have had blood transfusions or medical procedures with blood products that were produced prior to 1991, when blood donors were universally screened.

Although it does make a difference how a person contracts Hepatitis C, once diagnosed, the goal is to diminish the effects of the disease through proper medical treatment and by adopting a healthy lifestyle.


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