We Are Honoring IBS Awareness Month

Did you know that IBS Awareness Month is honored during the month of April? Throughout the entire month, advocacy groups will be working to help more people who may be experiencing the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). As it stands, many people who have IBS tend to not talk to anyone concerning their medical condition. This is something that can change by reversing this negative stigma that has been associated with IBS. First, we need to start by raising more awareness for this chronic disorder, but how should you start?

Learn More About IBS

First off, you should begin by learning as much as you can about irritable bowel syndrome. Their are many resources available for people who are looking to learn more about this condition, but be careful of the misconceptions that many have about IBS. This type of misinformation will only lead to a greater level of anxiety on the part of the patient.

Irritable bowel syndrome is a actually a very common disorder of the gut. According to the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD), anywhere between 9-23 percent of the world’s population is already living with IBS. In fact, there are more than 30 million Americans who have this medical condition. IBS clinical studies have also shown that this disorder is more common among women than men (accounting for two out of every three IBS cases that are diagnosed). Also remember that while there is no cure, irritable bowel syndrome can be managed with treatments and medical assistance.

You Don’t Need to Hide Your IBS from Others

You should not be trying to hide the fact that you have IBS from the important people in your life. In fact, this will only serve to increase the level of stress you are experiencing. Try and open up to more people about your struggles with IBS, as they can become a real source of support for you. In fact, you may be very surprised to find that there are other people you know who have this disorder. There are also IBS support groups which can help you if you are not getting the necessary support in your daily life.

Support More IBS Research and Awareness

The only way that we can continue to develop better IBS treatments, or eventually find a comprehensive cure for this disorder, is if people continue to support new research projects on IBS. At is goes, the government and pharmaceutical companies have the biggest say when it comes to the direction of ongoing research and development projects, but people living with IBS can still make a difference too. This is what it means to become a real advocate for IBS!

The month of April has been honored as IBS Awareness Month every year since 1997, and each year more people are learning that they don’t have to stay isolated when it comes to their IBS. Actually, the “Don’t Suffer in Silence” theme has become a major part of this awareness campaign.


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