An Introduction to Achieve Clinical Research

With our latest infographic, we would like to give you an unprecedented glimpse at this one of a kind clinical research site. Achieve Clinical Research has been conducting clinical studies in Birmingham, AL since 1998. Throughout our history, our medical team has always prided itself on being able to deliver rapid start-up times, the most efficient project management, and firm adherence to study protocol. In short our team knows how to deliver the best results for our pharmaceutical and bio-technology sponsors, as well as all leading Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s).

Why is Clinical Research so Important?

Some people may get the wrong impression of the role clinical research plays in this world. Clinical research has provided us with medical breakthroughs and new medications which have vastly improved the quality of life for many people. With continued support, medical research will help us to establish cures for diseases that plague the lives of millions all over the globe. Choosing to take part in a clinical study is a big decision, and it should not be taken lightly. However, if you determine that it would be right for you, there are many benefits that come from being a clinical trial participant.

Participating in a Clinical Trial

If you are thinking about taking part in a clinical study (here at Achieve or anywhere else), it is very important that you take the time to educate yourself about the procedure of a clinical trial. This way, if you decide that you would be a viable candidate, it will be an informed decision on your part. There are a number of benefits that can come from being a participant in one of our new studies at Achieve Clinical Research. The new infographic has a full list of benefits for participants, as well as the rights that a participant has during their study. This is a very important part to keep in mind, because the health and well-being of our participants is a top priority at Achieve. As a participant, there will be no cost to you at any time during the clinical trial, and you have the right to withdraw at any point that you wish.

Our Excellent Team of Physicians

One of the true highlights of this new Achieve infographic has to be the “Meet the Physicians” segment! We are truly blessed to have a team of physicians as qualified as this one on hand. It is our belief that having the right investigative staff has been imperative to the success of our clinical trials. These guys take the reins and make sure that the entire study is conducted according to the protocol. Our vastly experienced team of physicians holds board certifications in a wide range of specialties (including Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Oncology, and Rheumatology). With this new infographic, you now have the chance to meet them for yourself!

Meet the Supporting Cast

Now as anyone knows, it is impossible to maintain a successful operation without having a solid staff. The Achieve Clinical Research staff is among the best in the entire industry hands down! We believe that consistency is a crucial factor among the members of our team. In order to facilitate this, we have endeavored to foster a sense of positivity and cohesion amongst our staff which makes for a very pleasant working environment. Each member of the Achieve Clinical Research staff undergoes thorough training before starting their jobs. Additionally, we continue to have them attend outside training sessions throughout their time here. This provides them with an extensive knowledge base in all areas of clinical research.

Focused on Phase II-IV Clinical Trials

Achieve Clinical Research conducts trials for a broad range of diseases and conditions (Please see the infographic for a full list of available indications). In the world of medical research, typically a new drug or therapy will need to pass through the four clinical trial phases before it can be approved by the FDA. At Achieve, we are primarily focused on conducting phase II-IV clinical research trials. We have a state of the art research facility which is fully capable of handling the large number of clinical studies conducted there. Our staff has access to the most advanced medical equipment available, and they have been fully trained on how to use these tools effectively. However, you should check out the “Capabilities” section of the Achieve infographic to get the full picture on what we can bring to the table.

Location is Key

Undoubtedly, you have heard this saying once or twice, probably when someone was describing why a certain business was so successful. Well, it holds true for our research facility as well. Our location could not be better! Achieve Clinical Research is located right in the heart of Birmingham’s impressive medical district. The close proximity to more than one fully functioning hospital gives us a clear competitive edge when it comes to conducting any of our outpatient studies. Please be sure to check out our location on the map available in the new infographic!


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