Superheroes Wanted in Birmingham, Alabama

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been displaying pictures of superheroes on our homepage and our Facebook page. These pictures also include the words “Superheroes Wanted.” We can wager a guess that this may seem strange at first glance, but it’s actually a part of a campaign that we are very excited about.

Why would a research company launch a campaign about superheroes? Popular fiction has portrayed superheroes as heroic beings that use supernatural powers or abilities to accomplish extraordinary feats. The reality is that there are superheroes in real life— they just don’t need super strength…

These real life superheroes are the people that volunteer to take part in clinical trials like the ones we conduct here in Birmingham. You may know them as mom or dad, sister or brother, or even a friend. The team at Achieve Clinical Research calls them superheroes.

Diseases like fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis (OA) have a significant impact on the health of this country. These are life long medical conditions that have no cure. Individuals who decide to participate in a clinical trial in Alabama are helping to pave the way towards better treatments and eventually cures. These are decisions that could save millions of lives.

Stand Up to Help Improve Modern Medicine

Participants in a clinical trial will receive the best healthcare available, it’s just one the potential benefits to be gained by volunteering. There are also risks involved too.

Clinical trial participants dress as superheroes in Alabama

Clinical trials are designed to test the safety and effectiveness of a new medication or method of treatment. This means that the tested drug could prove to be ineffective or even cause certain side effects. There are also time and travel requirements involved in any given research study.

The people who choose to participate know that there are certain risks involved, but they also know that their actions will help ensure that treatments and medication continue to improve. On top of that, these patients provide researchers with insights that could be the key to curing a disease like diabetes.

Our patients really are our superheroes here at Achieve and that is why this campaign is so special for us. It’s not only an opportunity to honor those that have participated, it is also an opportunity to connect with others who never knew that they could become real life-superheroes.

Superheroes at Local Events in Alabama

Do you live in Jefferson County? Keep an eye out for our staff if you are going to be attending some of the upcoming community events over the holidays. We plan on attending the Walk to Stop Diabetes in Birmingham next month and we’ll be at the annual Jingle Bell Run.

We really hope to see you there!



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