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The Medical Staff at Achieve Clinical Research

Researcher talking to clinical trial participantAchieve’s clinical research staff is comprised of skilled and certified personnel who use their expertise and experience to meet the specific needs and time constraints of our clients.  Our staff provides a wide range of services and skills for managing the clinical trial process.

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Our medical staff includes:

  • Team of Clinical Research Coordinators Assigned to Each Trial
  • Team Leads for Every Trial
  • Experienced and Highly-Trained Healthcare Professionals
  • Board Certified Physicians Acting as Primary Investigators with Oversight on all Trials
  • Quality Assurance Department
  • Regulatory Department
  • Phase II-IV Staff
  • Laboratory & X-Ray Facilities on-site
  • Recruiting Division
  • Community Outreach Specialist
  • Receptionist
  • Human Resource Department
  • Information Technology Department

Achieve believes that constancy among staff members is vital. Our clinical research professionals receive attractive compensation and work in a pleasant environment under ideal conditions. Furthermore, our staff enjoys working at a renowned organization that prides itself on the quality of service it offers the community.

All of our staff members complete thorough training, and education is stressed for everyone on our team. Achieve conducts ongoing training sessions to further our staff’s knowledge in all areas of clinical research. Each member of our team is committed to excellence and the highest standards of research.

The following clinical research staff members are always available to serve your needs:

  • Site Director, Phase II-IV
    Specialized management of your in-patient trial
  • Business Development Team
    Judicious classification and coordination of incoming trials
  • Recruiting Manager
    Effective and efficient advertising techniques and marketing strategies to ensure that we fill your study
  • Vice President, Finance
    Comprehensive contract negotiation and thorough budget analysis
  • Director of Process & Integration
    Oversight to ensure consistency in processes, appropriate routines and controls, and effective study implementations