Psoriatic Arthritis Clinical Trials


Not Enrolling for Psoriatic Arthritis

At this time, we are not enrolling for this medical condition. Once we have a new psoriatic arthritis clinical trial open at our clinic, we will update this page and let you know. If you have any questions about our other clinical trials here in Birmingham, please give us a call at (205) 757-8208.

Have you tried unsuccessfully to treat your psoriatic arthritis with contemporary medications? Achieve conducts investigative studies that are designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of new treatments for subjects with active psoriatic arthritis.

If this is an opportunity that you’d be interested in, you can fill out the quick form on the right. Our experienced staff will get in touch with you, and we’ll be able to determine your eligibility for one of our psoriatic clinical trials.

Do You Qualify for a Psoriatic Arthritis Clinical Trial?

  • Applicants must have a diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis
  • Evidence of active arthritis based upon number of tender/painful and swollen joints.
  • Not have any evidence or treatment of malignancy within the previous 5 years
  • Health Insurance is not a requirement
  • Subjects aren’t eligible without providing a signed informed consent form

Compensation for Clinical Trial Participation

Study related care including physical examinations, laboratory services and study medications are all provided to participants free of charge. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about how you can be compensated for your participation.

Psoriatic Arthritis Symptoms

Psoriatic arthritis is a chronic autoimmune disease which can affect any joint in the patient’s body. Many of the distinguishing symptoms of this condition mimic those of rheumatoid arthritis. Symptom flares cause the joints to become painfully inflamed and warm to the touch. People with psoriatic arthritis often experience pain in the back and feet, and swollen fingers and toes.

Our qualified staff is available to answer any questions regarding this Psoriatic Arthritis study or any of our paid clinical trials.